Product Range


Forest Floor Mulch Bark

A dark rich brown bark great for putting on hills or slopes up to 45 degrees. Ideal for large areas for weed suppression and moisture retentation/ Recommended depth of application is 100mm.

Premo Nuggets

The highest quality landscape grade bark available. It has gone through extensive processing to remove stone, stick & cambium. It is a large chunky nugget often used in landscaping in high profile areas and in schools 25-50mm clean nugget bark.


Rugged in appearance. Both a decorative & mulch bark Size: 20 - 50mm The big tough chunky nugget bark which includes a percentage of stick and cambium bark to assist binding and mulching qualities. This is a very long lasting product to reduce garden maintenance and looks good in large gardens and around larger plants. The nugget barks combining with the small amount of stick and cambium bark means it stays on hill sides well and will suppress weeds as well as retain moisture to make a garden easier to manage and to make look great.

Premo Chip

Premo chip is one of our highest quality bark available. Smaller nugget which has minimal stick and cambium bark. Refined and professional look.

Black Forrest Bark

Brand new product looks amazing on all Gardens - come in to check this out

Small Rounds and 12mm rounds

20 -40mm small rounds and 12mm are suitable for paths, driveways and garden beds. They are also great for being used on dry river bed gardens.

Rock 65mm

Grey rock ideal for gardens landscaping with that chunky look.

Riwaka Gold 19mm

Riwaka Marble Chip is a multi purpose decorative cream coloured stone. marble chip can be used almost anywhere. gardens (marble does not danger any plants), paths, Patio/Outdoor areas, Driveways, Pots/Planters, Ponds.

Black Marble 19mm

Black Marble Chip is a multi purpose decorative black / grey coloured stone. marble chip can be used almost anywhere

Bagged Products

Tui Compost - 40 Litre Bags

Tui Compost adds nutrient-rich organic matter to replenish your soil with nutrients used during the growing season. The combination of organic matter, blood and bone and gypsum will help break up heavy or clay soil; improve drainage in compacted soil; and increase water holding capacity in sandy soil. It also increases microbial activity and encourages earthworms - a gardeners best friend.

Tui Potting Mix - 40 Litre Bags

Ferns, palms, potted colour - it doesn't matter whether your corner of paradise is big or small, growing a plant can be one of lifes great little pleasures. Tui all purpose mix is formulated to give the best start to your indoor and outdoor plants in post containers and hanging baskets.

Lawn Fertilister

Citrus Fertiliser

Daltons incredible edibles® CiTRUS Fertiliser Specifically formulated for all citrus varieties. Supplies nutrients for up to three months including trace elements and extra magnesium. • Dust free. • Extra Magnesium. • Promotes dark green foliage. N14 P2.5 K7 Mg3.5 +TE Boosted Available in 1.5Kg retail bags.


General Hardware

Shoves, Rakes, wheelbarrows gardening tools


Plant Foods

Weed Sprays

Garden Art

Quality Tools

Bales of Peastraw

Rock 65mm Decorative

12mm River Rounds

20 - 40mm River Rounds


Sleepers Rustic NZ Pine | Sleepers Rustic Hardwood - Bridge Beams also available

They are ideal for retaining, edging and for giving that rustic look around your property. These sleepers are solid & will not break down as quickly as others. The dimensions are 2.1m long x 130mm x 230mm.


These awesome vegetable container gardens have their own self-watering system and protective mesh canopy. Available in three sizes, they can be used anywhere from your backyard, to balconies, decks and rooftops.

AP 20

Is commonly used for driveways, pathways, or as a base course for concrete & paving. Once compacted ap 20 binds together very well.

Builders Mix / Conag

A mix of sand and high quality aggregate ideal for mixing with cement for any concreting jobs.


River sand. Good for Mortar plaster, solid block plastering, bricks and childrens sand pits.

Barnyard Compost

A great general compost which can be used in a large range of situations. You can plant directly into this product as well as mix it with soil. The ingredients give it good mid-range nutrient value so it is easy and versatile to use. Great for improving general soil conditions

Blood and Bone Compost

A Mixture of Chicken and Bark Fines 50/50 mix.

Crushed Ocean Shell

Crushed Shell is ideal for pathways, driveways, gardens, petanque courts and display areas. It ties in well if you are after a beach theme for your property.

Bulk Bins & also available in Bags

Gardening tools, home handyman hardware also available

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